Walter Nicoletti

Walter Nicoletti is an italian Oscar® Qualified Director, Award-Winning Actor and Film Producer at Voce Spettacolo.

Walter is also a journalist member of International Press Academy Satellite Awards™, Independent Spirit Awards, European Film Academy and Online Film & Television Association.

Voce Spettacolo is a Film Production and Distribution Company based in Matera and operating in Los Angeles as Oscar® Qualifier Distributor for italian Live Action Short Film, Documentary Short Film and Animated Short Film. This distribution company has qualified five italian shorts at the 96th Academy Awards®.

Voce Spettacolo is within the press lists and counts media friendship with: The AMPAS (The Oscars), The Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros.Pictures, Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Eagle Pictures, The Grammy’s, Viacom International, Warner Music, Sony Music, Rai, Mediaset, Sky and many others industrial leaders.

Voce Spettacolo produced Bloodline by Walter Nicoletti (2024), winner of the italian contest of Fancis Ford Coppola, Red Market by Walter Nicoletti (2022), Maternity For Sale by Walter Nicoletti (2019), Nemo Propheta by David Cinnella (2019), Mine by David Cinnella (2018), Basilicatadventure by Walter Nicoletti (2017) and Tek by David Cinnella (2016).

Walter Nicoletti founded Voce Spettacolo Film Festival in Matera and signed several media partnerships with Italian and Hollywood festivals to promote art and culture worldwide. Actually he’s also CEO Chairman of Celebrity Film Awards that rewards Film Industry with annual Awards Ceremony and Hollywood Newsweek, an entertainment news platfform based in Matera, Italy.

As actor he plays roles in international films, including JESUS VR – THE STORY OF CHRIST by David Hansen, the first film in the history of cinema in virtual reality, which had its world premiere in Venice Film Festival 2016; in 2019 he’s on the set of NO TIME TO DIE by Kary Fukunaga. He’s on set of the Italian fiction films: IMMA TATARANNI by Francesco Amato, SISTERS by Cinzia Th Torrini and PIETRO MENNEA-LA FRECCIA DEL SUD by Ricky Tognazzi.

He was Italian correspondent at 60th ANNIVERSARY OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM by THE OSCARS in London (European Headquarter AMPAS) and he was italian correspondent at THE OSCAR NIGHT in London (European Headquarter AMPAS) in the years 2018-2019-2020-2021.

During his carreer he received the following honor and awards:

  • 2024 Oscar® Qualified Director
  • Marateale Award Winter
  • 2023 Oscar® Qualified Director
  • Best Supporting Actor at Los Angeles Cinematography Awards 2022;
  • Finalist as Best Director at Europe Film Festival 2022;
  • Official Selection for “Red Market” at Cardiff International Film Festival 2021
  • Best Supporting Actor at Actor Awards 2021 Los Angeles
  • Vincenzo Crocitti International Award 2020
  • Anita Ekberg Award 2017
  • Nomination Best Director at London International Film Festival 2019
  • Nomination Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor at Nice International Film Festival 2020
  • Nomination Best Short of a Foreign Language Film for “Mathernity For Sale” at Antwerp International Film Festival